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This site is for volume buyers and resellers only.

We do not charge a per order drop ship fee as many other companies typically do. This fee is usually $2 to $3 per order! Instead, we charge a very low monthly fee of $19.99 per month regardless of the number of orders you make!

By paying a monthly instead of a per order fee, you will be saving ALOT of money!

For example: With most suppliers, if you place 50 orders a month you will be paying $100 to $150 per month in per order drop shipping fees!

With us, you just pay $19.99 per month regardless of the number of orders you place!

30 Day Free Trial!

We will not begin charging you the monthly fee until 1 month after you join. If you join and decide to cancel prior to your billing date, you will not be charged at all! You can place wholesale orders during your trial period and if your happy with our services, simply keep your account active! If you choose to cancel for any reason, simply cancel your account online under your account settings.
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